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Who We Are

Legacy First Escrow Inc, is the leader in escrow services in Southern California. We now how to close with speed and are experts at every type of real estate deal. We know what needs to be done in order to get the deal done and we know you rely on us to make that happen.

Real estate deals have a lot of moving parts. Let us be your choice for escrow services to expedite the process. We serve Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.

How Does It Work?

Evaluate Property

Finding the perfect property can be an arduous task.

Meet Your Agent

The escrow process is a straightforward one.

Close The Deal

To close a real estate transaction, one of the most common methods is through escrow.

Why Choose Us?

Reduce Risk & Fraud

We at Legacy First Escrow Inc are committed to reducing risk and fraud in the process of closing escrow.

Nearby & Local

We serve the greater LA area, including Orange County and Riverside.

Large Staff

We prioritize customer satisfaction and ensure you will never have to wait for a response.

Real Customer Service

We’ve always been a team that prides itself on making time for our customers, and we won’t stop now.

Competitive Escrow Rates

For the best rates, call now! We have competitive rates for Escrow services in Southern California.

Fast Closing

We know you want to close
on time.

Choose Legacy First Escrow

Choose Legacy First Escrow because we close on time, have excellent service, and are trusted. We know closing on time is essential, and we treat every deal that way.